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The Little Rendezvous - Meriden CT   

I’d been told about the “vous” a year and a half ago, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to try it.  Now that I have, I will definitely go back soon.  At Little Rendezvous, the only thing on the menu is pizza. They don’t sell slices.  There is only on street parking.  It doesn’t seem like its in the best neighborhood.  And they only accept cash…. NONE of those things will stop me from going back.  

From their website,

           ”The oven, built in 1888 started, as a bread oven. In 1938 it became a pizza restaurant. The front, which is now the dining area, was once a grocery store. Joined in the 1930’s with a long hallway it became The Little Rendezvous. Serving coal fired BRICK oven pizza, and for the past 70 years people have been coming from towns all around Connecticut to enjoy our pizza.”

As you can see in the picture, the oven is a part of the place.  I didn’t snap a picture of the front dining room or the long hallway. It states on their website that on a Friday or Saturday wait times can be an hour for take out, but they will accept calls in advance for pies at a certain time.

I ordered the “House Special” on traditional crust. It came with sauce, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and sausage.  I added some snipped fresh basil from a plant that my dad gave me, and some fresh cracked black pepper.

There was a lot of sauce, more than I usually care for.  But the sweetness of the sauce was a great counterbalance to the tartness of the crust.  The mushrooms and peppers seemed to have been cooked before being added to the pie, which i prefer.  The sausage was a fine crumble that may also have been precooked. The crust was unbelievable.  It was chewy, crunchy, and tangy.  A good pizza crust will make your jaw sore.  I ate through the pain, and after sharing a couple slices with my friends next door, half the pie was gone.

You can check them out online at You can also “Like” them on Facebook. Call them for take-out at 203.235.0110  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

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